Pastor Tony Rapu visited A Babalawo ( an herbalist ) in Sogunro


The founder and senior Pastor of THIS PRESENT HOUSE CHURCH, Tony Rapu is known for preaching the gospel of God and Jesus Christ in local areas and this time around, He took an extra move to  go visit an herbalist in His shrine at Sogunro. He posted this on His Instagram page where He says. ‘ My visit to a ‘babalawo’ in Sogunro, Iwaya.

many people believe that preaching the Gospel is reserved for those who have been ‘called’ as professional ministers in a Church. They wrongly assume that preaching means standing behind the pulpit or in front of a big crowd of people. To ‘preach’ really means to evangelize or win people over to Christ.

Every believer should proclaim Christ wherever he or she goes. This ‘proclamation’ come from a heart of love by becoming more vigilant and intentional about reaching out to others. God is love and as His children,  We should be known by our love for others. it must be our trademark. it should be our ‘brand’.

Nowhere is this love more apparent than when we share with those who need to hear the message of salvation. Demonstrating such love for others is actually a sign of the power of the Holy Spirit working in the Life of Christian.

Will you spread the gospel of Christ today?


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