6 best ways to make Better decisions in Life

Making some certain decisions can be hard, stressful, frustrating, and tough. There are many things to consider before making a big decision. Most especially when you are in Your teens and trying to make decisions about which school is actually the best for your standard and also thinking about what to study in higher institution and also deciding how You want your freedom life to be like and finally, You are in Your twenties and You already planning how to move out of Your parent home, be a Man or a Woman of Your own, what to do after college, what you want your career life to look like, going into business or seeking for a Pay Job in one of the renewed name companies in town and to some, its might also be getting married after Uni is their major key. All of these decisions are actually hard and stressful with a whole lot of over night thinking and if You are suck in making decisions all of this might seem like an impossible mission to You.

Well….. not too worry as you are not the only one in these mess. I was once like You too, when I coudn’t make decisions on My own and I had to depend on people around me for the next step to take and every one was coming with different advices and I will still mess the whole thing up cause I was trying to please every one. But I later realised that pleasing every one will do me nothing but to harm me mentally and emotionally, but now today I can take decisions on My own without having to consult anybody for help, have been able to educate myself, grow my thinking ability and believe in My self more.

So in the hope of enhancing your decision making process, here are a bunch of things to consider before making important life changing decisions.
1. Ask Yourself What You Really Want : knowing what You really want can be a little bit tricky, so many things will be going on in Your mind from what You see, to what you watch on TV, the things You hear, people around You and most importantly your parent.  Its not a joke that parent motivate their children by what they do, but now You are in Your late teens or early twenties and You need to start thinking outside the box, know what is good for You. Is it to start up a business or work with a company to build Your career, or You love to travel round the world. It is whatever that give You Joy that is actually the best for You that that is what You Really want and what You should do considering the fact that You want to be happy and make the right decision.

2. play a pros and cons game: The pros and cons of something have its advantages and disadvantages, which you consider carefully so that you can make a sensible decision. Now in this case you have to list everything going on in Your mind so to know the right step(s) to take. Concerning your school, Moving out of your comfort zone, creating Your own better career or goals in life and while doing This, make sure you have someone that You can trust to ride this journey with you so You won’t  be mixing things up, they will be your guide and supporter when You are lost or confused.

3. seek for advice : Don’t  be afraid to ask for advice; it’s  not a sign of weakness, infact its shows some certain level of maturity. You’re just getting different viewpoints on a situation and someone may bring to light, a point which you hadn’t  thought of. Ask anyone — older relatives, younger relatives, friends, colleagues, strangers — the more points of view the better. Just be wary of the old saying, Too many cooks spoil the broth. Don’t  let other’s opinions make your decision entirely for you.
4. Question Your motives: this is a time You need to calm down and ask Yourself some certain questions like are My sure I really want This, are My sure I can handle this, are My sure I can pull it to the final stage or Am doing it because that is what others are doing, is it because My mum want me to go into it, if You want to go to school because everybody in Your family are graduate, then You are missing Your purpose. You have to be sure if You really Wonna study or not.

5. Classify Your Potentials: A potential is a latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. Find where your ability lies and create Your strenght in them, fuse in all your energies, that is when You will know which quality is yours and which one is not for Your standard. Focus on the qualities build on them.

6. Aim for integrity: You have to be honest with Yourself and create principles that will lead your path. Be honest with every step You take and let people see You for what You said You Are, Jeff Brown said in one of His quotes that “its the heart that knows the path. The mind is just there to organize the steps” when your mind keeps pounding on a particular move, that shows it time to place your focus on the move and never allow the mistake of your past or someone around you pull off Your integrity.






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