Types Of People that do work-Out

Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons, to aid growth and improve strength, preventing aging, developing muscles, weight loss or maintenance.

Even with all this definitions of work out, some people still have their own special reasons on work out goals. Some do it for the fun of it, some for the Love while some for the purpose of what it is.

In this article, Am going to be talking about the 3 Types of people that do work-out, and i hope You will enjoy reading it and You will understand where You belong in the least and after worth, You move to the best.

3 Types Of People that Do Work-Out

  1. The goal getters: this set of people do work out three to four times a week depending on how busy they are,  they schedule their selves and they will never miss a day in their schedule plan, because  they know they need it. Working out has turned part of their routine, this set of people will buy any drug that will either build their abs or make them loss weight depending on what they want and their nutritional meal is always on 100%. You will always see them checking Google for a new work out update and work out kits and they will get it by all means because they know health is wealth.

  2. The work out lovers : first of all, I need You to know that in every organization, there is always goal getters and those that want to join for the fun of it. The work out lovers belong to the categories  of those that joined for the fun of it.  Right from the start they already know they won’t really go far doing work out but they like the idea of working out/ hitting the gym. You will always see them doing the work out thing without putting much stress, it will be Smooth and easy but at the end of the day no result will come out of it. Am sure You don’t expect good grade when You don’t work hard for Your exams and funny enough, this set of people don’t even care about the result in the first place as they are comfortable with the way they are living.

  3. The confused ones: this set of people don’t even know what they want, today you’ll see them hitting the gym & tomorrow they are at the pizza hub buying every every. The one day work out they did seems like it taking their whole breath away and they think working out is an impossible mission. In the real sense they know they need to work out but they just don’t know how it could be possible. Well if You are In  this page, I mean if You belong to these category of people, Am happy to tell You that it is very possible to achieve Your aim in hitting the gym the proper way, if You put your mind to it. Consistency is the key. You can start with just 30mins run round your estate every Morning, it will not kill You and gradually, You will see yourself doing even better. Work out is a MUST if you want to get fit and live perfectly well.

    NOTE: Not getting enough exercise is a global problem.
    Around the world, at least 1.4 billion adults are putting themselves at risk for chronic disease because of their low levels of physical activity, according to a new World Health Organization report.

Which personality do You observe frequently, how often do You think you can do better on Your Journey to a fit Life. If You ain’t doing better, i believe now is the right time to start working on Yourself and walk Your way to a healthy Life. Remember this article was not meant but to put more light to the right part.

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