5 Easy Steps To Follow When Writing An Effective CV


A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a brief documentation of someone’s education, qualification, previous occupation and a little bit of self information, typically sent with a job application.

Since Your  CV is about almost all the information about You, that means you have to be very careful in setting it up, take your time and diligently analyze every step bit by bit. 

If You wondering how to write an effective CV that will get You that dream job, Am super happy to tell You that You are on the right page and this article will really help You achieve your aim and hopefully won’t let your cv end up like a junk in another man’s trash can.

A good CV is all You need to get your dream job and start paying all your bills with no stress, so we’ve patiently took out our time and break it down to a 5 easy steps to make the set up easy for you and Am sure if You follow the 5 steps, You are certainly on Your way to your dream job.


it’s takes less than 20 seconds for a recruiter to go through Your CV and be convinced. Be ready to use an unconventional layout that will make your CV more eye-catching and ready to go through. Try as much as possible to reduce the number of list on your CV, in order to make the most important points stand out clearly and  rearrange the items so that the most important parts are easily seen by the reader. You should know by now that a well planned write up catch the attention of people than those that write just for the sake for people to see. Patiently outline the most important on the list.

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Step 2: MAKE A RESEARCH ABOUT THE COMPANY : making a research about a particular company is like getting their vital information and Informations means facts provided or learned about something or someone. Since You’ve  gotten the fact about them, it will be easy for You to penetrate and know what to write. Know in Your Mind that no two companies are the same. Your CV should reflect this. You should make sure that your CV reflects the type of company that you are applying for. If you are applying for a position that is more conservative, such as an accountant, have a clean, straightforward CV with the most relevant information clearly laid out, as this will save You time and also help them to understand You easily.

Step 3: PRESENT YOURSELF AS A PROBLEM SOLVER : Remember, each and every job interview is actually a problem for the company as every job has it own challenging areas and it takes only a person with a knowledgeable pace to fix the problems they facing in that position. . They have a need which they are looking for someone to fill. The details of this need are in the job advertisement, so study it and try to understand the company’s problem and try to figure out how you should position yourself to make it clear that you would be a good solution to their problem.

Step 4: INCLUDE BEST OF YOUR SKILLS IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY: This might not sound professional but believe Me it can go a long way and help You get a better and bigger offer in future, Your company might later be in search of someone in that area of Your skill(s) and since You are available, it will help both you and the company not to go through another stress of employing an external all over again.

Step 5: UPDATE YOUR CV FOR EVERY JOB YOU APPLY FOR : This is the final step and You should be very careful here,  dont just write anyhow CV with the same information  and  send it to 5 different companies at the same time, nah things don’t work that way. Do a write up of the each company on each CV separately and let them know that You understand at least a bit about them, as this will make You stand out among other candidates. companies want to see that you’ve taken the time to get to know the position you’re applying for and given your application some thought.

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