How To Avoid Sars Brutality In Nigeria

The Federal special anti-robbery squad popularly known as Sars is a security squad set up by the federal government to help protect and prevent the good people of Nigerians from the hands of robbers and bad people but with the look of things now, it seems they are actually doing the opposite of their first primary assignment in a way that almost every citizens of Nigeria are not happy with at all. They go round the street harassing people anyhow, most expecially, the youth and this is turning into a nightmere full of treat as people are becoming more scared not to be their next victim. This article is totally for everybody, most expecially in Nigeria. Sars brutality is bad and We all should say no to it. But, we should also play our own role to be responsible too. On this article, I will be talking about several ways we can avoid sars brutality and be safe all the time.

10 Ways to Avoid Sars Brutality

1. Avoid Immoral Dressings: there is a popular saying that goes ‘ the way You dress, so You will be addressed’ this saying is a self explanation on it own, if You dont want to be mistaken for a yahoo boy, dont dress like one of them, this is very important because this sars people dont even ask question before they go into action. Any moment they see a young guy in a flashy wears, the next thing that cross their mind is ( let stop that boy, He is a yahoo boy) so to avoid stuff like this, You will surely need to watch what You wear.

2. Avoid roaming round the street : i know most guys dont like to stay in one place for too long, they like to move around and be present in different locations all the same time but the truth is, You should be careful where You go to in this period of sars so you wont go and land Yourself into trouble.

3. Avoid Moving with Illegal Items: illegal items such as Weapons, weed, Atm cards with different names, fake documents are not supposed to be found with a responsible guy in the first place, this stuffs aint cool, so in order not to land yourself in where you do not like, dont move around with illegal items.

4. Register Your tinted Glass: Yea no doubt, i know You want to form big boy, wanna live large and up to expectation, there are ways to do this and still be cool, one of them is to own car with tinted glass, it really fun but if You dont want to disgrace yourself and be harassed by sars or any other force member, please make sure your tinted glass is fully registered under law

5. Get Yourself a legit job/Business: When You have a good job or business you attend to time to time and you are always busy, You won’t even have time to go roaming round the street like a tout, Your job will be your major concern. You know You have mouth to feed,dreams to achieve and You wont want to mess all that up.

6. Have a friend in the force sector: Having a friend that is a force member might not safe You from jugdement but it will help when You are not guilty. A force friend have so many benefit in it, like he/she will let You know some certain laws that guide the country and You wont fall victim of ignorance.

7. Always go out with a valid IDcard: a valid IDcard can be the only option that will safe You in some situation. Thou it small but it can be a life safer as a means of identification.

8. Avoid dreadlocks and tatoos: Dreadlocks is truly a part of fashion most expecially for the youth but it seem Niegrian force have a bad sign for that. The moment they see any guy with tatoos nd dreadlocks, He is automatically a yahoo boy. You just have to be careful and watch where you go too, if You have a tatoo or dreadlocks.

9. Avoid Violence: fighting will never do You any good or end into a good result. Becareful how you handle things so You dont lnd yourself where You dont want.

10. Be Prayerful: No matter how perfect and responsible You are,if bad thing want to happen to You, it will still happen but with prayer and believe in God, your protection can be gauranteed.

This is my top 10 ways on how to avoid Sars brutality and i hope you found this helpful. May God help and protect us from anything that will harm us unknowingly.

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