Everyday in Nigeria, We lose 2,300 children and 145 women to diseases that could have been prevented

Its a sad news to see that a country blessed with several natural resources don’t actually have good leaders to run or use them the right way, People are dying everyday due to lack social amenities that could make life more easier for the less privilege ones and our government are doing nothing to any of this, #MakeNaijastronger is a campaign to let our government know that they can actually do more, there should be voice for the voiceless, people are dying everyday and all this need to stop, Nigeria have the money, We have the capacity to build good health care centers in our rural areas. To be part of this campaign, you can sign up here https://www.one.org/africa/take-action/make-naija-stronger/

Check Some of the tweets below to see what people re saying about the campaign

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