Secret blessings we should thank God for everyday by Dayem Adeyemi

God way is not human way, He operate on a different pattern, He bless everyone He choose to bless in His own way

In this article, I will be talking about 10 different God secret Blessings we should always thank Him for.

1. Been Alive: according to World Health Organization (WHO) thousands of people dies everyday of which 9% of them are natural death, which means this people died without having any sign of sickness or involving in any form of accident at all, what does this tells You? Your been alive should be measured by the Grace of God not by your power, learn how to give thanks

2. Healthy Living : been alive and healthy is nobody’s strength but God in His own way of saving us out of trauma. Anne Wilson Schaef once mentioned in one of his quotes that “A   good health is not something that we can buy” this should tell you that been alive is not by your power but Grace of God

3. Been able to hear and talk : You might see been able to hear and talk as a normal thing cause everyone around you can actually hear and talk but if You actually know that there are many people that don’t have that same opportunity you are enjoying, You will actually appreciate God more

4. Been able to see : Nearly 3 percent of children younger than 18 years are blind or visually impaired, defined as having trouble seeing even when wearing glasses or contact lenses, according to the National Health Interview Survey. I’m 100% sure You ain’t blind and you can read, that’s why You can see this, you better learn how to thank God.

5. Not paralyzed : some challenges can not be easily overcome in life and as a point of this some people faced with this challenges soaked themselves into eternal bitterness, one of this challenges is been paralyzed, if You can walk with your 2 legs and moves things with your hands you should be grateful to God, cause it a blessing money cannot buy.

6. Breath In some Nigerian hospitals, OXYGEN is administered at the rate of N4,500 per hour for adults and N3,000 per hour for children. Now, if adults were to be placed on oxygen for a whole day, the bill would be N108,000 – If this is extended to a month, the amount becomes N3.24 million – For one year, it will be N39.42 million – The next time you are tempted to think that God seems to be unkind to u, remember this: He gives each of us more than N3million monthly benefits of Oxygen without pay – GOD IS GOOD. That u still have some needs yet to be fulfilled doesn’t mean God doesn’t care or is less interested in your affairs. Let us give Him thanks for those “routine favours” He has been bestowing on us

7. Been surrounds by Family : Denzel Washington once said “ That’s a part of it. If you have an enemy, then learn and know your enemy, don’t just be mad at him or her.” Acting is just a way of making a living, the family is life” so let me ask You this, how are You treating Your Life?

8. Friends : You should actually thank God for the kind of friends you have, God gave You friends to talk to, though some may be bad but that do not mean they are all toxic friend

9. You have a place to Live : as at now according to United Nation over 200 million people are homeless all over the world, if you are not part of this 200 million people You should actually thank God for He gave You a shield over Your head.

10. You have a job to depend on: getting paid for a job You are doing goes a long way no matter how small the pay is, their are thousands of jobless people out there waiting for that same position, learn how to be grateful to God for that.

Concluding part

When You realize all of this and You see that God’s mercy is new every morning, that is when you will start to appreciate Him more.

God loves You and He has a better plan for you, always learn how to thank Him for the secret Blessings