Top 5 secrets about married women by Dayem Adeyemi

Women is one of the greatest blessings God have used to blessed this life and they are also one of the dangerous demon tormenting this world.

In this article, We will be looking into top 5 secrets most men don’t know about their wives, though it really hard to compile together but am sure We tried our best to come up with some good point to back up the facts about most of them.

01. 80% of them do cheat on their husband: there is this popular saying in Nigeria that says, “a cheating wife will either kill her self or Her husband” this is due to the fact that, there is no how you will cheat and won’t be caught one day and if that happen, I trust My Nigerian men ( Everywhere go red )

02. 60 out of the 80% pretend to be loyal: giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person is simply what been loyal means but You see ladies in this category are far from been loyal but they pretend to be, they are always painting a perfect picture and you as the husband will start to see yourself as the bad person in the marriage

03. 60% of them are not submissive to their husband: Have you ever wondered why most young ladies of nowadays don’t want to marry or the ones that are married still living like a single lady, most of this ladies truly love the idea of getting married but they don’t like the idea of been under the control of a man, they really want to be the boss, Boss lady, they wanna be in charge of everything.

04. Most of them have inferiority complex: According to Alfred alder, one of the most famous psychologists who ever existed, people learn during their childhood that being masculine means that they are above, superior or more worthy and that being feminine means that they are weak, less important or inferior.

All cultures, religions and societies tend to value and reward manly behavior to the extent that those who deviate from it develop feelings of Inferiority.

05. Some of them use charm on their husband: a married woman once said that “all men are cheats. You have to take care of yourself as everybody pulls to their own favour” literally, this means that most women that uses charm on their husband do so to stop them from cheating cause they believe without using charm on them, they will never stop cheating.