Meaning of Platinum Sales in Music Business

A Platinum Record is the award given to a performing artist (typically musical artist) for the sale of million units of records, CD’s, or cassettes through legal distribution sources. The Platinum Record award was created after the Gold Record award was popular and as the industry saw the sales of individual singles and albums reach one million units. In 1998 the Diamond Record awards were created for the sales of 10 million copies of an album or single.Also Gold Record and Diamond Record.

What is the Highest Sales An Album Can Get

A Gold record is a single or album that managed to sell 500,000 units (records, tapes or compact discs). The award was launched in 1958; Originally, the requirement for a Gold single was one million units sold and a Gold album represented $1 million in sales (at wholesale value, around a third of the list price).  In 1975, the additional requirement of 500,000 units sold was added for Gold albums.  Reflecting growth in record sales, the Platinum award was added in 1976, for albums able to sell one million units, and singles selling two million units. The Multi-Platinum award was introduced in 1984, signifying multiple Platinum levels of albums and singles. In 1989, the sales thresholds for singles were reduced to 500,000 for Gold and 1,000,000 for Platinum, reflecting a decrease in sales of singles. Which means Multi-Platinum is the highest sales an album can get for now.

Top 5 Artists with Platinum Sales

In the decades before streaming-era rules and digital downloads inflated album sales, platinum certification was more difficult for artists to obtain.

When an artist achieved platinum status back then — selling a million or more physical copies of an album — it took a more fervent effort from fans (who had to drive to record stores, find an album, and hand over their hard-earned cash for it), but many acts nonetheless reached platinum certification routinely

Here are 5 Best Selling Artists Of All Time, Ranked By Platinum Albums Sold

5. Barbra Streisand

  • Platinum Albums: 30
  • Best-Selling Album ( Greatest Hits Vol II ) 5million copies

4. Garth Brooks

  • Platinum Albums: 30
  • Diamond: 7
  • Best-Selling Album ( Double Live ) 21million copies

3. George Strait

  • Platinum Albums : 33
  • Best-Selling Album ( Straight Out Of The Box ) 8million copies

2. The Beatles

  • Platinum Albums: 42
  • Diamond: 6
  • Best-Selling Album ( The Beatles *The White Album* ) 19million copies

1. Elvis Presley

  • Platinum Albums: 67
  • Diamond: 1
  • Best-Selling Album ( Elvis *Christmas Album* ) 10m copies