11 Things Nigerian Men Don’t Joke With

Nigeria is a great and peaceful country full of  interesting People, with great tribes and culture. Despite been criticised by many countries across the world, Nigeria still stand out in their own way. You really need to be friendly with a Nigerian before You can understand Him/Her better. I’m a Nigerian and yes, I’m  truly proud to be son of the soil.   There are a lot of beautiful things We are known for and will never trade for anything in the world.

This article is mainly focused on Nigerian Men and the beautiful things they don’t joke with.  I will highlight some key point about We Nigerian Men, the beautiful things other countries need to learn from Us cause they can only be found in blood of a confirm Naija guy lol.

Here are 11 Things A Nigerian Man won’t joke with

  1. Their Mother: Any woman can give birth to a child but it takes a strong woman to take very good care of her child and that strong woman is respectfully called MOTHER, We Nigerian Men know this, that is why We always love and respect Our mothers and You will never see us making a joke about them. Our mothers, they are Our great impact. A mother will stand by You during Your worst time no matter how terrible it is, they are great motivator and angel sent to guide Us on earth.
  2. Their Woman: Every responsible man deserve to have atleast a woman in His Life, though some men choose to have more than one depending on how capable they are and If You know Nigerian men too well, You will notice one thing about them, if a Naija guy is vibbing with a lady, even if He dont love the lady, He will still respect Her not to talk about the one He loves.
  3. Their Time: A typical Nigerian Man understand that time is money and to accumulate their wealth well, they don’t joke with time, always want to be on point within the short period of time given to them.
  4. Their Food: first of all, i want to believe that We all know that food is important in human life and aside from that, Nigerian Men have some certain local food they dont joke with and they can fall sick if they are unble to taste that food in couple of days. If You are a lady from other countries and you want to win a Nigerian guy heart, You will really need to find out his kind of food.
  5. Their Plans: as essential as making plans is, so as crucial as it is, many people had failed in life due to bad plans, Whenever a Nigerian man is making a serious plan You will always know something serious is going on in his life, they don’t want anyone to disturb them in the process of making the plans.
  6. Their 1st Son: In Nigeria, most people believe if a wife haven’t given birth to a male child, the wife is still as bad as a barren woman, that is most people’s believe in Nigerian homes, that tells You how important a son is in the life of most Nigerians. Now imagine the first born happen to be a son, He automatically become the main controller and have access to everything relating to business and money inflow of the family.
  7. Their Family Affairs: If a Nigeria Man tells You its family before anything, please believe Him cause nothing can change His mind, its family first. Nigeria as a country knows the joy that comes with having family around and they always value that.
  8. Football club: Most Nigerian men can do anything just to support their football club. If You’ve been to gathering of most Nigerian men You will understand more better what I’m talking about, If they are not busy discussing  business then they must be arguing about their different footballl clubs.
  9. Their Sex Life: I don’t think there is any other African Country that is as active as Nigerians when it come to sex, every one seem to claim to be good in bed when it come to sex and they see a man that is not active as a weak man.
  10. Fashion: fashion is one of the gift God gave Nigerians to stand out among other African countries, We have different fashions that match every culture in Nigeria and this is a wonderful feelings because it make other countries across the world to look up to us for the latest fashion that is trending.
  11. They Love Praises: Almost every Nigerian Men including Me love to hear the word ( THANK YOU ) even if it just a little thing that we do and You tell Us thank You, that word thank You can trigger Us to do more. We love to help and after the help we love it more when You appreciate it.